Wynonna Earp has called Didsbury, Alberta, Canada home since season one with the small town became the backdrop for Purgatory. Since then, Didsbury has welcomed the production of Wynonna Earp, offering its local businesses, streets, and community as on screen locations.

We are partnering with the Earper fanbase to Bring Wynonna Home. Creating a display of fan-made digital art, showcased on the streets of Purgatory, placing the art right next to actual locations of the Municipal Building, Railroad, and Shorty's.

Artwork by: Paolo @polsnr



Earpers are invited to submit their Wynonna Earp fan art, proceeds from submissions will be split between a 60% donation to (______ charity) in Didsbury and 40% towards Keep Alberta Rolling. 

Full submission and donation details are available on the Go Fund Me Page below: